Thursday, February 27, 2014

Movie Review 8: The Lego Movie

To be honest I didn't even want to see this movie, however some family got free tickets so I went. There were a few funny moments, however I was fairly disappointed, there were moments I thought it would never end, and there were a couple twists that I didn't expect. The ending I didn't expect, however my sister was very close to what was going to happen. My favorite character was Wonder Woman, and only because she is awesome in general. There were a lot of big stars in this movie like Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell,  Jonah Hill, and 'The Hunger Games' Elizabeth Banks. The song is hilarious though.
Everything is Awesome:
There is a part where Morgan Freeman's character dies, and comes back a a ghost, so if you are weary of supernatural ideas, beware. It is a little violent, but not over the top for a children's movie. There are a lot of 'famous' characters in it, like Batman, The Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Abe Lincoln. I would recommend that if you haven't seen it, wait until it comes out in Redbox or some other rental system. I would not go see it in theaters and waste the money on it. If you have kids, I'm sure that will love it, but you might want something else to do, unless you are an adult that is like a big kid, then you will probably like it too. I don't have a lot to say about The 'Lego' Movie. However, I will have a lot to say soon about several books (hopefully by Monday).

                                                                  Thank You!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Book Review 11: 10 Things I Wish I Knew in High School by Sarah E. Galimore

This book was not entirely what I expected. It was very intellectual or more serious than what I expected. There were some good points in it, and some good examples, but it was as engaging as I would have liked. The author did do a good job of stating why you would want to do well in High School. And why it matters later in life. I was somewhat bored, in the fact that it was somewhat a personal narrative, for example she had a lot of personal examples, which is fine except for the fact that it was almost overwhelming ,and maybe braggy?  I don't want to focus on the negative, so to the positive. I have been extremely motivated to do better and try my hardest in school, (since the is my junior High school year). Sarah E. Galimore has some very good tips to help you succeed in school, and at the end of every chapter there is a review question(or 2). I feel that after reading this it has helped me be able to see why school is important and why it is important to do your best in school. Not just High School or College either but any grade, or in the work force. If you are going in to or are in High school this would be a good book to read since you may need motivation to do well. I know I do. Anyway, I think that this book is more informational, and it is supposed to be like that. I know I will be passing it on to my sister. It may not be something to buy, if you can get it for free or extremely cheap then go for it, otherwise wait.
I hope this isn't too negative, and gives you enough information on it.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Exclusive scene from 'The Elite' by Kiera Cass released by Barnes and Noble!

So, The Selection Stories came out today and I want them so bad! Gonna check my local Wal-Mart for them within the week! And in honor of that B&N released a deleted scene from 'The One'. It takes place right after King Clarkson and Maxon leave for New Asia. I wish it had made it to the final book! So little of it, yet it means so much! You just have to read it for yourself...

THE ELITE Deleted Scene for B&N 
AUTHOR NOTE: This is from America and Aspen meeting up just after King Clarkson 
and Maxon leave for New Asia. The earliest drafts of the book contained a lot of wedding 
talk between the two of them. Almost all of it ended up being cut, but this little moment as 
they say goodnight is kind of precious to me.

 He set me on my feet and handed me my cane. “I’m going to wait a few minutes in here,
but you need to go. I’ll write soon.”
 “I’ll be waiting.” I leaned into him for one last kiss, which he happily gave me, and then
went to leave. Just before I opened the door, he called to me.
 “Mer?” I turned. “Start thinking about what you want, okay? For when we get home, I
 I shook my head. “What if I said something ludicrous? Like I wanted you to build me my
own palace, something better than this dump?”
 He put his hands on his hips, smiling at my request.
 “I get to pick the carpets. These are too squishy.”
 I giggled quietly. “Fine.”
 “So… is that a yes, then?”
 The whole world seemed to grow still.  “Can we wait until I’m legally allowed to say yes? It would feel better if it actually felt
official,” I said apologetically.
 With some work he held the smile on his face. “Absolutely.”
 “I’m sorry,” I said, feeling terrible. My chest heaved and the urge to cry over what I’d
just said was overwhelming.
 “No, Mer.” Aspen walked over to me and put a gentle hand to my face. “You’re right.
When you’re home, and I’m really allowed to ask you, I will. I’ll send you the gushiest, most
ridiculous love letter you could possibly imagine,” he promised in playful tones, making me
laugh. “And I’ll be here, waiting for a letter from you. One word. That’s all I’ll need.”
 “I’d like that,” I said. “It would be nice to have it written down.” Part of me needed to
have a promise in writing. I’d been able to depend on so little lately.
 “Then you’ll have it. Any anything else you want,” he promised. “Even a palace with
carpets that are too deep.”
 He smiled. That face, that beautiful face, was so honest and forgiving, that I found myself
astonished again that I’d almost given it away. He gave me a quiet kiss.
 “Love you, Mer.”
 “Love you, too.” I turned the handle and dashed away.