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THG MockingJay Part 1 poster

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Sad about what is coming though *sobs*!!!

Book Reviews 9 & 10: The Selection and The Elite by Kiera Cass

So, 'The Guard' and 'The Prince' come out next month (February 4th) and 'The One' comes out in May, so to tide you over I thought that I would do a review of the first two, "The Selection' and 'The Elite' and then when 'The One' is released and I read it, I'll do a trilogy review. So, here we go;

'The Selection': Honestly, it took me forever to get into this book, for the first five or so chapters I was just trying to get through it, then, towards the middle of the book, I couldn't put it down, it was like I had to finish it all in one night (I didn't, but I wanted too). I think that, looking back at the book, it was written really well, it covered America and Aspen's pasts very well, and changed over to the castle scenario very well. You understand what America is going through, after all we have all been in at least one place we didn't really want to be. She starts to grow up, and we get to witness that. She starts to see that there is more to Maxon than meets the eye, and allows herself to open up more than she had planned on. She gains new friends, and discovers the evil in other girls is so abundant that she can't bear it that Maxon may be with one of these young ladies for the rest of his life. And of course Kiera had to throw a loop in America's plans. When I finished this book, I had to have the next one immediately, however it wasn't out so I waited, and while I was waiting I read a lot of books, and then 'The Elite' came out!

'The Elite': I jumped right into this one and didn't put it down until I was finished with it. There are only 6 of the 35 young ladies left to win Maxon over, but with Aspen in the back of her mind, America doesn't know who choose, the boy she has loved for years, or the prince that she barely knows. Both want her to be happy, but they also want her. Aspen, has gained so much since she came to the castle, and now he can support her like he wanted, but Maxon has given up many things for America. He has done great things for her, all to keep her safe and make her happy. She knows she has a short time to pick, but will she Aspen or Maxon? I seriously loved this book, it picked up a lot faster than 'The Selection' did, and it kept up it's pace really well too. In both of these books, there is almost everything you want in a book; romance, comedy,  a little action, friendship and most of all, the characters and story just pull you in. Kiera Cass is hilarious, and it shows in her book, with some of the little stunts that America pulls, it is almost like watching a bad sitcom.

 I was telling my mom and my sister about the books, before the cover of 'The One' came out and they said it was either going to be a black dress or a white dress. I said that I hoped it wasn't a black dress because that could possibly mean that Maxon or Aspen died and that would just be wrong (maybe), and a white dress could mean that she chose one of them and that could be messed up too (maybe). I am happy with the cover though, and have even got a friend into the trilogy too. I am hoping in "The One' that everyone will end up happy and everything will end on a high note for America. Anyway, just wanted to do a review before The short stories come out.


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The One Fan Fiction contest.

So, there is a fan fiction contest for The One, where you could win some cool prizes, and I just entered. basically you write the first chapter of The One (500 words or less), and submit it. So here is mine, if you like it I will lengthen it and add more detail, and edit it more/better. Let me know what you think.

"I don't know what to believe!" I tell Marlee.
"I know, but think about what he has given up for you! You can't just forget that."
I know Marlee is trying to help but, I just can't get over the fact that Aspen has kept this secret from me for so long. It's almost been a month since he told the truth, about why he is here now, why he was assigned as a guard in the castle. Why he was placed outside my door.
"I just can't believe he didn't tell me before." I say, I feel the tears coming and try to push them back down. "He told me to come here, that he didn't want to be the reason that I didn't have the best possible life, yet he shows up here and makes deciding who I want to be with even harder!"
 I can't hold it in anymore, as I start to cry, tears running down my face and making my makeup, or what little thereof run down my face. Marlee pulls me in for a large and comforting hug, something that I never received at home. Through my sobs I hear her say, "I know he hurt you, but think about the things he was willing to do to give you a life, he really does love you, and wants you to be happy, even if it means being with Maxon."
I pull away, wiping tears and makeup from my face, "I know that, but, how do I know that there aren't other things that Aspen is hiding? Maybe the people he says is his family really isn't! Maybe they are just a cover for him!"
"America! So he kept his, being a spy for the King, Queen, and Maxon, a secret! He fell in love with you, and he did what he thought was best for you. He could have lied and said that you weren't fit to try for the crown, and kept you to himself. But he didn't! He was the one who found you in the forest after the raid!"
She has a point, when he told me, we were near the back wall, he had asked to speak with me, I couldn't believe that he had kept it from me all this time, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I know I should have, but, I just wanted to keep you safe" that was all he got to say because the last thing I said to him was, "Safe from what!" I didn't even let him finish. I ran back to the castle, to my room, and requested a new guard.
"And. besides," I say, "Maxon isn't any better, he denies the whole thing, and I know he knows!"
Marlee just shakes her head, "Do you really think he would lie to you? What reason would he have? He took a beating for you, and you still don't trust him. He even told you he would send you home if you want, and you said no."
"I know, but that was only so that I can figure out some things."
"So you don't have feelings for Maxon?"
"I never said that," I can feel my cheeks getting hot, and Marlee is starting to giggle, "it's just that, after the confrontation with the King, I don't want to push things."
"Maybe you should talk to Maxon, and try to work one problem out at a time."
"I think that's a good idea, but when?"
"Well, the King will be gone tonight."
"Okay, tonight"
As we say goodbye, and Marlee heads back to the kitchen, I write a small note that says, "Tugging my ear, tonight."
A few minutes after wandering that halls I find a maid, "Excuse me, would please give this to Prince Maxon?"
"Yes, my lady." And she is off to give my note to Maxon.
Now I just have to wait for tonight, to see if Maxon still cares about me.

                                                                 Thank you!

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Book Review #8: State of Redemption (State of Refuge book 2) by David Korson

So, I thought the first one was a unique and new story. The second one is even better! The continuation of the character's and their struggles is pretty darn good! The introduction of new characters was alright. There wasn't anything that I hated or loved in this book, I just enjoyed it completely. One of the characters that was in this book, I felt like I had something in common with more than others (if you know me personally and have read the book you might know why ;) ). There were quite a few twists that I didn't expect, but that I loved, a couple things that I saw coming, and then there were certain parts that I wanted to just punch the character in the face (you know how that is). It took me so long to read it because of my being in a reading slump and not wanting to finish it because it would then be over, however the final book, 'State of Restoration' will me out in May of this year. I highly recommend this book, it is a fun read, that will keep you wanting more form the characters and the author. The ending is perfect for getting readers to the next book, and let me tell you I will be one of the first to buy it! The state of Refuge and the KEA have never encountered someone as determined as Derek is! He won't stop at anything to save those that he cares about, and I want to be right there with him! You should be there with him too! Follow him on his journey with 'State of Refuge.' You won't forget Derek, and his band of misfits and rebels! David Korson's books are only available on, but are worth everything to get them! Definitely check them out!
Here are the links:

Thank you and please check out these books!

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Movie Review #7: HANNA

This was such a sad movie! I saw it on t.v. just a couple minutes ago and I had so many hopes and am extremely depressed now. There were a lot of open places where more detail could have been added, but wasn't. This movie had some OK action in it, but in my opinion slow, and very sad. What is she supposed to do at the end!? Just go back to the woods? Like seriously! I was hoping for a good twist in several places and am sad that certain things turned out depressing for Hanna. She didn't listen at times and caused more pain than necessary. I was sad when certain characters were killed, if you have seen it you know who. But seriously, I know this movie has been out for a while, and I just saw it, but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on it. Another thing, it didn't explain the character's history very well either, not just Hanna by others too. Like I said dissapointing, and Saorise Ronan is an awesome actress too, but this movie was a flop, I wonder how it did in theaters?  Anyway, don't pay for this movie, just watch it on t.v.


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Book Review #7: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

'Allegiant' by Veronica Roth

So, I have been reading this book since I got it in October, and just finished it tonight. I loved this book, yet I hated it!!! I was hoping for more butt-kicking, however what I got was a lot of distrust, and arguing. I made the mistake of reading the end first, and then didn't want to finish, and finally just sucked it up and finished it. There were some great surprises, and then there were some things that I wasn't happy about. If you have read it you know what I mean... ;) I think that at the end Tobias' coming to terms with everything that had happened was well written, and put together. There wasn't quite as much humor as Divergent and Insurgent. There wasn't a lot of fast paced action, but what was there was put in the right places to build the story. I wish some if the characters that have passed could have been able to see the end result of their sacrifice, however, their memory still lives on, in us and the surviving characters. I am looking so forward to reading the shorts stories being released in November of this year, from I believe mainly Tobias' view point. Even thought this book wasn't up to me expectations in some ways, in others, it surpassed my expectations. I am looking forward to seeing what Veronica Roth will give us next. If you haven't read this trilogy yet, I highly recommend it, more the 'The Hunger Games'! Shocker right?! And those are the books that got me into reading and reviewing. Anyway, Allegiant was pretty darn good, at least in my opinion. The conclusion was a fitting end to the story and the characters.

In other news I will have another review up in the next couple days, the review will be of 'State of redemption' by David Korson. So are you excited for the 'Divergent' movie? I know I am!! I'll try and do a video to and from the showing, and try to get the friend I'm going with in it. I make no promises though!! Anyway, what are you looking forward to in 2014? What goals do you have this year? One of my book related ones is to read 25 to 30 books this year, since I didn't make it last year, so I'll keep you updated. If you are on Goodreads look for me, just look for TheWormIsAwesome, and my pic.