Thursday, September 26, 2013

Michael Weatherly of NCIS Has a song on the soundtrack

It was released earlier this week that Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo) of NCIS will have a song on the NCIS soundtrack titled, 'Benchmark'. Herad it and am rather impressed. So here it is...

Check it out.

On another note, anyone watching the new season of Castle? If so, what do think so far? What do you predict will happen through out the rest of the season?

Catching Fire soundtrack reveal

So, I was scrolling through my facebook news feed (just my personal one), saw this and had to share it...

The Catching Fire soundtrack has officially been released, and I am super excited. So, you can preorder the soundtrack now, and there are some pretty cool things you can get with it, if you are willing to fork out the money to do so. It will be out in stores on November 19th. But, until then here are the artists and the songs they will be performing on the track...

1.Coldplay - "Atlas"

2. Of Monsters and Men - “Silhouettes”

3. Sia (ft. The Weeknd & Diplo) - “Elastic Heart”

4. The National - “Lean”

5. Christina Aguilera - “We Remain”

6. The Weeknd - “Devil May Cry”

7. Imagine Dragons - Who We Are”

8. Lorde - “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” 

9. The Lumineers - “Gale Song”

10. Ellie Goulding - “Mirror”

11. Patti Smith - “Capital Letter”

12. Santigold - “Shooting Arrows at the Sky”

13. Mikky Ekko - “Place for Us”

14. Phantogram - “Lights”

15. Antony & the Johnsons - “Angel on Fire”

So, who are you looking forward to hearing on the soundtrack most?Which song? Which character do you want to see the most in the movie? Let me know.


The One cover reveal!!

AHHHH! Kiera Cass has released the cover of the final installment of 'The Selection' series...
                                   'The One'

So Like...AMAZING!!!
I love this trilogy sooooo much, and like to see this cover makes me want to have it in my hands right now! like seriously, Kiera, if you see this, do you think that maybe I could get an advanced copy? Maybe? It's a long shot but still. Worth a shot...
Anyway, Just like, wow! I love this cover so much, it is so beautiful! I wonder who America if going to pick. I was telling my mom about the books a couple weeks ago and she was like, either one, or both (Aspen or Maxon) will end up dying, and I was like, "They better not!" Anyway here is the full link to the article with the cover pic.

I'll be posting some other news in a few. In the meantime, what do you think of the cover reveal?
Love it? Hate it? Were you expecting something different? If so what?
What do you think is going to happen in 'The One'?
Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Review #5: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

                                                           Delirium by Lauren Oliver

  So, I was hesitant to try this trilogy, but decided to give it a shot, and I was blown away (in a way).
 I have a love, hate relationship with this book. I loved that it was a new idea, at least to me it was. I mean a cure for love, kinda cool. I also loved the character building in the story. For example, in the example of Lena(the protagonist), you find out a dark secret, but nothing more than what she knows, you find out about her life, and the lives of some of those around her. The plot was laid out very well to me. It didn't rush through anything, but it didn't drag on too much either. Also, I was intrigued to find the answers to Lena's questions and to solve some of the mysteries throughout the book.
  Some things I don't like; some of the decisions that the characters made were very annoying, to me at least. But that can happen in any book. Something that bugged me was that fact that the found a cure to love but bot other ailments, like, cancer. So, I guess it's more of a love, dislike relationship, but still.
I couldn't get through the book fast enough! but at the same time I could only handle one or two chapters at a time. However, at the end I powered through four long chapters and am now trying to decide when to read Pandemonium the second book in the trilogy. I also wish that there would have been more detail regarding Hana and Rachel in the book.
   As I was reading I cam across some language, the most severe being, the F-bomb dropped three times throughout the book. The book is mainly P-G, but I only recommend it to reading levels 8 and above. At times the book can be annoying (again in my opinion), because Lena makes a few *stupid* decisions, like any one of us can do, but they are things that she could have known or figured would be a bad decision, however, at times what she does is a good thing (and she is stronger and smarter than you think) .
  In some ways it is pretty intense, I can't really describe it to you without spoiling it all (lots of running, tying people up, sneaking around, finding the truth out, and lots of secrets; oh what do ya know, I can describe it, haha). Some of the plot was predictable to me, but there still some good twists in the plot.
  I definitely recommend this book, but it is definitely not for everyone. I'm sorry, that this isn't as detailed as I had planned and hopefully after I finish the series, I will be able to describe it better. I hope that this helps you decide if you want to read it or not, or at least helps you get an idea.

 If you read it or have read Delirium, let me know what you thought of it, like? love? hate? I want to hear what you have to say.

HEY! what do you want to see me do? Any books you think I should check out? Any movies out anything?
Let me know.

                                                               Thank you so much!

                                                       Remember there is power in wisdom
                                                         And Wisdom comes from books!   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fun Stuff...LOL

So, today I will be doing bookish identity tag, and the marry, kiss, or cliff? tag(all from YouTube). Also, I'll do a video in a little while of these so you can see it too.

Identity tag:
What dystopian/fantasy world would you live in?
This is hard, because there are a few that I would like.
My top 5:
Dark life world(under water mainly)
The Divergent world
America(from the Selection)
America(Maximum Ride) (I guess this one doesn't count because it isn't fantasy or dystopian(mostly)
New York(Ashes,Ashes)

Now out of those, I would say...
The Divergent World

Who would your partner be?
Top 6 options:
Fang(max ride)
Prince Maxon

I choose:

Who would your mother/father be?
Ty's parents(dark life)

Divergent Q: What faction would you be in?
Either Abnegation or Dauntless

I would say: Dauntless

Maximum ride Q: Eraser, flyboy, m-geek, or flock member?
No duh, flock member.

The Hunger Games Q: Which District would you be in?
District 1

What super power or gift would you have?
I'd want wings like Max in Maximum Ride

Marry, Kiss or Cliff? Tag
So what is going to happen?
I have enough choices for 5 rounds
You choose three fictional characters out of a hat or jar or something, and after you choose three you choose whether you would kiss that character, marry that character, or "kill that character"(push them off a cliff)
let's get started...
Round 1:
Finnick from The Hunger Games
Ty from Dark Life
Fang from Maximum Ride

So lets see,
I would kiss (or preferably hug) Finnick
I would Marry Fang
And Ty will be taking a trip to the Cliff

Round 2:
Warner from Shatter Me
Adam from Shatter Me
Aidan from Ashes, Ashes

Warner is taking a trip to the Cliff
I would Marry Adam
And I would kiss (preferably hug) Aidan

Round 3:
Ender from Ender's Games
James from Silverfin
Derek Vaskez from State of Refuge

Ender is going to the Cliff
I would Marry James
I would kiss (preferably hug) Derek

Round 4:
Fade from Enclave
Peeta from The Hunger Games
Gale from The Hunger Games

Fade is going to the Cliff
I would kiss (actually hug) Peeta
And I would Marry Gale

Round 5:
Four from Divergent
Aspen from The Selection
Maxon from The Selection

This is HARD!!
So: AHH!
I would Kiss Four
Aspen is going to the Cliff (regrettably)
And I would Marry Maxon

So, that is it for now, I 'll do a video of these and a bookshelf scavenger hunt soon.

Try these out and let me know what you get, hope you have fun.

Thanks! :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review 4:Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

So, I wanted to post a review on this book before I forget about it completely. The reason I might forget about it?
Because I was not impressed at all! It was an interesting story, but I think poorly executed. I think the story could have had more mystery in it. There was not a lot of language that I recall, and not an over amount of violence(very minimal actually). There are a few little 'sexual' scenes, where basically it lasts less than a page and is barely anything, I guess it may not even count a 'sexual' because it doesn't really go to more than kissing. but I know that there are those who are careful about that, as am I, and so I wanted to include it.
Also, there is a innuendo that, incites that the protagonist and her love interest, were meant to be together, and this is symbolized *SPOILER* by a bird that the protagonist, Juliette, saw in a dream, and then by her love interest, Adam(who is one of the few that can actually touch Juliette), who has the bird tattooed on his chest.
Supposedly, they are supposed to be together, and Juliette knows this from her dream, and then seeing the bird on Adam.
Other than those things and even including some of those things, the story was otherwise well presented, It reminded me of a Rouge (X-men) in a dystopian society where all mutants can be contained, but she manages to get out and join 'the good side'.
As I stated, I was not very impressed, but I like the idea; a girl who's touch is lethal, so it is hopeless that she will ever find friends, or love, does, and turns her "curse" in a "gift."
Where she proves that she is "human" and not a "monster."
Where she shows others that not only is she "lethal," she is also "powerful."
Where everyone knows that she is a "weapon" and that she will "fight back."
Where she can be sensitive, strong, weak, beautiful, and so much more because she believes in herself and others do to.
She has the power to choose her destiny and the future of the world(in a way).
I loved this idea, but was not pleased with the plot of the story, and the little details that help make the characters and the story itself.
I do not highly recommend this book, but do if you are looking for an easy read, that have your heart crying for more romance in the second book (Unravel Me, out now). This book is mainly romance and not much else.
So, I hope this helps.
If you liked/love/hated this book please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on Shatter Me.
Thank You!
Keep Reading!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I am currently reading

So, I wanted to do this real quick...
I am reading:
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
The lost world by Michael Crichton
Fang by James Patterson

So that is what I am reading and hopefully I will have reviews up about some of those soon.

Why I read...

So I think I should say why I read. Not a lot of people understand(at least I think they don't).
                                                                        So, here it is...
I have trouble expressing myself, so when I read, it's like the books express me for me, what the characters feel is a lot of times what I feel, and I can connect on a whole different level with them than most people. As this states...
And for me this is true, when I read I get to travel into the past, present, and future, and travel into different lives and be completely and utterly free and expand my mind, and go where, "no man has gone before" as how I like to put it. I love to read because I can express what I feel without having to explain why I feel that way, I can read something happy-ish if I'm mad or sad, and when I'm done I feel happier. I go to the world the story is in and my world disappears and I'm suddenly immersed in this world fully of terror and romance, comedy, and happiness, I dive into this place where my problems disappear and I can help the protagonist solve theirs (yes, I know that their path has already been set, but anyway). I laugh when they laugh, or say/do something funny, I get mad when they get mad and scared when they are scared.
Anyway, that's why I read, not just because its' fun, although, it really, REALLY is! I read because its' how I cannot be me.
I am happy with my life and family and everything, but, when I read I have a whole new life every time, and everything changes and I can be someone I will never really be, but its' fun to pretend.
Anyway, thanks for reading to my rant, and Thank you for reading and staying tuned with my blog.
Spread the word, keep reading, and enjoy.
Leave a comment on why you read, I'd love hear your story.

What inspired me to become a booktuber/blogger

I've been thinking about this a lot, and I would have to say my love for books, and wanting people to be happy. Also, there were several book tubers that inspired me to start trying to be a book tuber/blogger, not that it will work, but the ones who inspired me were:
Heather of Bookables
Kat of Katytastic
Cat of Little Book Owl
Jesse of Jesse the reader
Christina of Polandbananasbooks

These book tubers inspired me to try doing what I love on the side of school. The first booktuber I ever watched videos of was Heather from Bookables, she got me to try filming, even though I didn't post the video, and after watching polandbananasbooks, bookables, and katytastic, I decided to try posting a video, and then watching little book owl, and jessethereader, I posted another video, and now have several videos ready to post, and am doing the blog. So, I think that, that is how I got started in doing a book blog and booktubing.

Also, as I said before, my love for reading and want to share that with others helped too. I know how hard it was (and still is) to find something to grab my attention and keep it until the end, and I feel that now that I have found a system, I should share it with others.

Thank You!

Book Review 3: Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari

I was really impressed by this book. It was predictable, but with was action packed, but didn't rush through anything. Like I said, predictable, I guessed the end right away, but some of the middle details I didn't expect. There isn't really any language(noticing a pattern?), and it wasn't too, too violent. I liked how it didn't dwell on the past and divulged information as the story progressed. The protagonist was strong yet, fragile all at the same time. I read it in one night, and wanted more, Jo Treggiari left the ending closed, but open, and could easily write another if she wanted too.
I loved the way that the protagonist slowly warms up to her later friends, and the ones she doesn't trust end up being what no one expected. I love how she eventually opens up to late love interest, and him to her.
I think that this story would envelop anyone who picked it up and just pull them into the story, I almost felt like I was right there, maybe not as the protagonist, but as someone beside her, who sees what she sees, but cannot be seen. I absolutely loved the plot, and the ending.
I am looking forward to reading another book by her.
Please look me up on YouTube to watch a video of my review, that will be up soon.
Thank you!

Book Review 2: Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Enclave by Ann Aguirre
So, I read this book because of the hype about it being great for THG fans. In my opinion, it was nothing like The Hunger Games!
I read it within two days, and was not very impressed, I thought that the plot moved too fast, I thought that the character build-up was poor, and with everything moving so quickly, you couldn't build any connections with the characters. You can't get emotionally attached to any of the characters. It jumped constantly in my opinion, and moved a little to quickly for me. I honestly think there were a hundred different way that Ann Aguirre could have made this better. Just by slowing down, and building more on the relationship between characters, SPOILER   and maybe had Deuce in the Enclave longer, and expanded on why the elders, like the wordkeeper, were keeping so many secrets and why some of the things that happened, happened when they did, and the reasons behind it. Spoiler, (a little), I think that even if she hadn't slowed down, she should have at least left them wandering and then maybe in the second book had them find the settlement(topside enclave). But I didn't write it and I have to give her props for being able to write something so popular,
So, kudos to you Ann!!
But anyway, there wasn't a lot of language if any, but there is some violence, and it is somewhat gruesome, but a pretty easy read.
I don't know how much I recommend this book. If it's something you're into, let me know in the comments.
Probably a good read for 5th to 8th grade, highschool is pushing it. It is not really predictable, but, somewhat unexciting to me. Again, a good book to get your interest in reading going.
Sorry, for the not very good review, but, I hope this helps, even a little.
Thank you!

Book Review 1: State of Refuge by David Korson

So, I'd like to start of by saying that this book was not what I was expecting, at...all...
State Of Refuge is kind of like a mix between The Hunger Games and Divergent.
There were some instances where the plot followed the same type of path as The Hunger Games, especially in the prison area, and plot sequence, in other ways the plot is like Divergent in the fact that Derek, the protagonist, discovers secrets about his father like Tris does with her mother in Divergent. For a new author and first book I was super impressed, I am definitely looking forward to reading State of Redemption, out now.
These books are only available on
There is a small amount of violence in this book, and not language that I can recall, I recommend it for someone who is trying to get into reading, or writing, and highly recommend it for YA lovers everywhere.
I hope this is enough, I'm not really sure how to describe it, hopefully I will get better as I do more.
But definitely check it out and if you like or even if you don't leave a comment down below and let me know what you think.
If you want more info on this book, let me know as well. And I will be happy to do that.
Thank You!

First post: books, me and why I want to be a booktuber and blogger.

So, this is my first post, hopefully of many. So, I guess I'll start with about me, and then go from there. I am 16 and I love to read, I really gained an interest after I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins my Freshman year, and me wanting to read has really taken off since then. I homeschool, but don't get to read quite as much as I'd like. I have two or three videos up on YouTube as of now, but will be posting several more shortly. Some of my favorite authors(and books) are:

Divergent, Insurgent by Veronica Roth
The Selection, The Elite by Kiera Cass
The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

I love to cook and bake, and am thinking about going to the business after I graduate, I have over a dozen TBRs' on my shelf to read, and will be getting more soon. I want to make you, the audience happy, so please let me know what you would like to see me do, read, and so on.
I want to be a book tuber and blogger because I want to help people enjoy reading and know that there is something out there for them. Now, if you don't like to read, or read about books or anything, stop like right here, like seriously, this blog is all about books, just like stop, like don't read anymore, like why are you reading?!


If you are still reading and are interested in finding the book for you, here is why you should watch my videos and read this blog...


I know what its' like to not know what type of book you would enjoy, or when you pick up a book and put it down because it doesn't grab you and pull you in. Well, here is where I come in, I do extensive research on all books before I even think about buying them. So, if you want to know what I think before you read it, just ask. I look at least a dozen sites and the library, before picking up a book. And I've still had flops, where I don't finish a book, because I'm not pulled in right away. But, it's better now than before. Even if you're just looking for a new book, I can help. I haven't read as many as say, Heather from Bookables or Kat from Katytastic, but I do constantly look for books and try to find out as much as possible before I try it out.

So, please if you want help finding a book, let me know and spread the word. This blog will mainly be for book reviews so, I hope you will find something along the way that catches your eye and if you try it out you enjoy. Thank you so much for supporting me in this endeavor and I hope I ca live up to your expectations.

Thank You!